Sustainability Achievements of the Year

GIGABYTE sets up a long-term goal for achieving sustainability. In each year, through multi-facedly innovative implementations, we keep moving forward to the sustainable development goal and hope to create a better future jointly with our value chain partners.

Strengthening of Sustainability Governance

Corporate sustainability is founded upon a solid governance organization and robust risk control.

The Nomination Committee was established by GIGABYTE in 2021 to strengthen the competency of the Board of Directors; the Information Security Committee headed by the Group President is also established to devise the information security policy and management framework as well as preside over information security management, planning, supervision, and execution. In 2023, the Company’s board of directors comprises 11 members, including 6 directors and 5 independent directors. The independent directors include a female with legal expertise. In total, 46% of the board of directors are independent, with 9% being female.

Commit to 50% Emissions Reduction by 2025

GIGABYTE advanced the target year of reducing 50% of emissions five years ahead, from 2030 to 2025, to show determination to climate change mitigation.

We regularly inventory greenhouse gas emissions to detect hot spots for emission reduction. Each operation base continuously introduces multiple energy-saving plans and launch sustainability fund, plant trees, as well as protect the ocean and marine. As of 2022, we have cut 42.99% of emissions from the level in 2009.


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Endeavor to Build Up a Health and Happy Workplace

GIGABYTE provides friendly and safe working environment. With ”early prevention, proper treatment” as our goal, we care about the physical and mental well-being of all employees. For the year 2022, we continued to implement graded employee health management, Employee Assistance Programs, hold multiple health promotion forums and activities, and organize GIGABYTE Happiness Stations and Family-Friendly Enterprise Alliances.

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Reinforcement of Sustainability Partnership

GIGABYTE delivers its sustainability concepts through various channels, from fundamental sustainability evaluation, joint beach cleaning, to supplier conferences. Since 2021, a new tiered supplier management system integrated with ESG assessment has been implemented to ensure sustainable procurement. In 2022, GIGABYTE mentored key suppliers in greenhouse gas inventory management. We aim to prepare our suppliers for the 333 Reduction and embed it into their operations to build a resilient, low-carbon supply chain.


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Honors and Awards

GVM Role Model Award of Electronics and Technology Industry

2022 18th GVM CSR and ESG Award – ESG Performance Role Model Award of Electronics and Technology Industry.

(be nominated for 7 consecutive years)

Remarkable Brand Value

2022 Best Taiwan Global Brand with a brand value growing from USD75 million in 2021 to USD89 million in 2022.

Recognition from Financial Magazines

  • Institutional Investor 2023 All-Asia Executive Team: 5 awards, including “the best investor relations” in Small & Midcap Companies.
  • 2022 IR Magazine Greater China Awards: GIGABYTE’s spokesperson won the “ Best Investor Relationship Officer”

CDP Leadership Level

  • 2022 CDP Climate Change was ranked A- (Leadership), achieving a Management or higher rating for 7 consecutive years
  • 2022 CDP Supplier Engagement Rating (SER) was rated A (Leadership)
  • 2022 CDP Water Security was rated B (Management)

Circular Economy Outstanding Award

The subsidiary Bestyield International won 2022 3rd Taiwan Circular Economy Award- Outstanding Award of Innovative Service Awards

Happy and Friendly Workplace

  • 2022 Taoyuan City Excellent Enterprise Award- Good Welling Enterprise
  • 2022 Taoyuan City Excellent Enterprise Award- Gender Equality

Healthy Workplace Certificate

  • 2022 OHSA Active Evaluation of OHS Indicators in Corporate CSR Report- Top 10% Enterprise
  • 2022 GIGABYTE received the Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace

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An Overview of 2022 Sustainable Supply Chain Management Practices

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