GIGABYTE cares about the environment. In addition to launching the “Thousand Mile Trek – Go Green Taiwan,” environmental services through a series of round-island trekking, GIGABYTE continues to participate in ocean protection actions together with universities, industry peers, and suppliers in response to the UN Sustainable Development Goals “Goal 14 Life Below Water” and make our best efforts to conserve the ocean. Taking action is the most effective way to gain profound environmental knowledge and recognize the existential crisis marine ecosystems face. Moreover, it could also let more people understand how “reducing waste at the source” and “properly disposing of waste” are essential to environmental protection.

Participants over the Years

*Note: This is data as of May 2024 and will be kept updated.

Quantity of Removed Waste over the Years

*Note: This is data as of May 2024 and will be kept updated.

The Ocean is Our Home

GIGABYTE formally launched “The Ocean is Our Home” project in 2021 based on years of experience in beach clean-ups. It represents our long-term commitment to protecting the ocean. We applied to the competent authority to adopt the Shalun section of Dayuanʼs coastline on a yearly basis. Additionally, GIGABYTE also supported the “Project Blue 1095” program, initiated by the Business Today, which aims to recycle and transform marine trash into the new citizen slippers. We hope that by giving new value to marine trash we can fulfill the ideals of the circular economy. Our passion for environmental service also reminded society to emphasize source reduction and return clean homes for marine life.