Human Rights Commitment and Diversity Communication

Commitments and Actions of Humans Right at Workplace

GIGABYTE supports international human rights conventions and complies with the local regulations of our operating locations. We have defined a number of human rights rules. For example, “ strive for organizational justice, respect for diversity” and “anti-discrimination, violence and harassment” are included in our Code of Business Conduct. All board directors, managers, and employees are expected to protect human rights in the workplace by adhering to human rights and equality. There were no workplace harassment and discrimination occurred at GIGABYTE in 2022.

(For GIGABYTE’s code of workplace human rights, please refer to Chapter 2 of GIGABYTE Code of Business Conduct)

Human Rights Commitment and Actions

For the human rights management for supply chain, please refer to Conflict Minerals and Human Rights Management.

Zero Discrimination, Anti-violence, No Harassment

Written Statement Prohibiting Violence in the Workplace

In order to protect all employees from being physically or mentally violated and causing mental illness during the performance of their duties, the company hereby declares in writing that it will never tolerate workplace bullying by any of the company’s management executives. Never tolerate workplace violence against employees of the company by colleagues of the company or by consumers, customers, related personnel, and strangers.

  • Definition of workplace violence: Incidents in which workers are abused, threatened, or attacked in a work-related environment (including commuting) in such a way as to explicitly or implicitly pose a challenge to their safety, well-being, or health.
  • Types of workplace violence:
    (1) Physical violence (such as beating, scratching, punching, kicking, etc.).
    (2) Psychological violence (such as threats, bullying, harassment, abuse, etc.).
    (3) Verbal violence (such as bullying, intimidation, interference, discrimination, etc.).
    (4) Sexual harassment (such as: inappropriate sexual hints and behaviors, etc.).
  • All employees (including contractors) of the company are responsible for helping to ensure a working environment free from workplace violence. Anyone who witnesses or hears workplace violence should immediately notify the company’s personnel department or call the employee complaint hotline. After receiving the complaint, the company will conduct an investigation in a confidential manner, and if the investigation is true, it will be punished.
  • The company absolutely prohibits any retaliation against complainants, informers or those who assist in the investigation, if any, will be punished.
  • The company encourages colleagues (including contractors) to use the established internal complaint-handling mechanism to handle such disputes, but if employees (including contractors) need additional assistance, the company will also try its best to provide assistance.
  • The company’s workplace violence consultation and complaint channels:
    (1) E-mail for complaints:
    (2) Personal safety is endangered: company security, police station

Smooth Communication Channels between Management and Labor

Good communication between management and labor is on the basis of mutual trust and mutual assistance. Although GIGABYTE does not have a labor union, we enhance labor-management interaction and communication through regular labor-management meetings, division-level management discussions, online article promotion, and annual questionnaire surveys every year.

Summary of Labor-Management Communication of the Year

Communication Channels Communication Outcomes of the Year Communication Focuses of the Year (extract)
Labor-Management Meeting Labor-management meetings are convened quarterly as required by law. 4 meetings were held in 2022.
  1. Propagate COVID-19 epidemic prevention measures and explain the vaccination leave.
  2. Notify the employees affected by the adjustment in basic wage and labor insurance premium rate.
  3. Propagate anti-bullying in the workplace and the grievance channels.
  4. Explain the amendment of regulations related to pregnancy-friendly workplaces and applying processes of welfare.
Internal Web Ad hoc

Announce important information by the Company.

Promote relevant events.

Internal Newsletter “GIGA HI” 87 articles. Report the outcomes of the company’s events and highlights of past seminars.
HR Website

14 articles regarding career development

26,887 view times to the Webpages

Guide employees about the company’s development direction.

Provide employees with information on career development.

Employee Message Board Ad hoc Set user rules and a reviewing mechanism to prevent personal attacks and rumors, so that employees can ask questions or post comments based on their needs.
Employee Satisfaction Survey

Conducted once a year in the Headquarters.

Conducted monthly in Nanping Factory.

Conducted irregularly in China bases.

Focus on health care, security, cleaning, and other common services in order to continue improving equipment and services offered by the company.


In 2022, GIGABYTE was fined by the competent authorities for 2 violations of the Labor Standards Act. The competent internal units have taken proactive action to prevent any further recurrence of these violations.

Date of Disposition Content of Violation Description of Situation Follow-up Improvement
March 14, 2022 Extended working hours beyond the law. COVID-19 led to an increase in demand. Due to the difficulty of recruiting entry-level labor in Taiwan as well as Taiwan’s anti-epidemic entry regulations, Nanping Factory was not able to recruit foreign workers within the stipulated timeframe, resulting in punishment.
  1. Adapt manpower recruitment to immigration policy and introduce foreign workers actively to reduce worker shortages.
  2. Continue to recruit manpower in Taiwan through multiple channels.
  3. Set up overtime notification, and send regular lists of abnormal work hours to supervisors to better control working hours.
March 14, 2022 No two days off (as official holidays or rest days) every seven days.