Be a Happy Farmer in an Organic Garden- Living Well and Eating Well

A “Happy Garden” is set at G-HOME Sustainable Eco-Roof for employees to adopt and farm. Employees can get away from the stress of work by temporally transforming into urban farmers. Through growing their own fruits and vegetables, they can learn how to overcome challenges and enjoy the fruits of their labor. They can also look after their own health and the health of their families, colleagues, and friends.

Urban Farming Training

To improve employeesʼ understanding of correct eco-friendly farming and a healthy diet, we invited well-known lecturers from community colleges to share their experience on topics as follows:

  • Urban Farmer and Food Education

    The principles and methods of organic agriculture as taught personally by the well-known organic agriculture lecturer Chen Chi-chun. From the growing environment of plants, the use of natural fertilizers, the making and use of natural insect repellents, to the timing and preservation of harvests, a complete education in organic farming concepts help boost the farming skills of employees who adopted a Happy Garden or are interested in organic farming. These along with the rooftop farm, fields, and home DIY will hopefully see organic farming and healthy diets become a part of everyday life. This will then foster the development of an eco-friendly G-HOME collective farming community.

  • Happy Farmer, Happy Living

    Agriculture, food, diet, health, and nature are closely interrelated. The lecture was given by a famous Chinese Medicine guru Wu Chou Hsieh help employees understand the link between the body, diet, climate, soil, and nutrition. They also learned how to live in tune with nature through “planting the right crops for the season in the right soil” to make the concept of eco-friendly farming a part of their everyday diet and lifestyle.