GIGABYTE upholds the philosophy of “Upgrade Your Life”, where we abide by the governmentʼs Labor Standards Act and internationally recognized human rights (including the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work). We value employee communication and development. Therefore, we have established an employee message board and employee opinion email, where dedicated personnel will respond to any suggestion or opinion given by our colleagues. GIGABYTE is committed to providing comprehensive and diverse work-life balance measures by creating a friendly, safe and harmonious working environment and providing a GIGABYTE green-living lifestyle that balances work, life, and recreation.

The scope of social performance disclosure below covers GIGABYTEʼs operation headquarters, Taoyuan Nanping plant, Dongguan and Ningbo plants in mainland China, as well as GIGABYTEʼs subsidiaries in Taiwan (G-STYLE, GIGAIPC, Bestyield International, Senyun Precision Optical Corp, Selita Precision, etc.). This coverage accounts for approximately 93% of the Groupʼs consolidated revenue in 2022.

A Healthy and Diversified Workplace

GIGABYTE had a total workforce of 7,269 people in 2022. Most of the employees were concentrated in Taiwan and China, with the remainder located in other parts of Asia, the Americas, and Europe. 58.9% were male employees, 41.1% were female employees, and the average age was 33.

Ratio of Female Employee in the Recent 5 Years

[Note] Female management positions in revenue-generating functions and female technical staff statistics started in 2020.

Number of New Employees in the Recent 5 Years

Career Development Emphasizing Integrity and Skills

GIGABYTE develops competency-based training courses for new hires, specialist personnel, and section/division-level managers. A variety of learning channels are provided, and self-study/external training are encouraged for employees so they can engage in self-development, broaden their professional knowledge, as well as understand the companyʼs vision for the future and current accomplishments. Sharing events are also held at suitable times to let employees learn from each other.

In 2022, GIGABYTE conducted a total of 43,224 hours of training. Education and training courses are tailored to each position that employees at the manager level received a total of 32,873 hours of training while other employees at the profession level received 10,351 hours in total. For the outcomes of ethics and integrity training, please visit Corporate Code of Conduct.

Total Training Hours of Employees in the Rcent 5 Years

Total Training Hours of Employees in 2022

Gender Male Female Total
Position Total Hours Hours per FTE Total Hours Hours per FTE Total Hours Hours per FTE
Management 18,378 5.23 14496 6.90 32,873 5.86
Profession 6,955 9.39 3,397 12.91 10,351 10.31
Total 25,332 5.96 17,892 7.57 43,224 6.53

[Note] The calculation of average training hours = Total training hours ÷ total number of employees trained.

Social Contribution to Promote Mutual Support and Digital Tolerance

“Care about society and sustainable development” define GIGABYTEʼs interactions with society. In 2002, we formed the GIGABYTE Education Foundation to promote technology education, arts and culture, and aesthetics and also create a harmonious and advanced society. In conjunction with GIGABYTEʼs core competencies and corporate influence, we are devoted to promoting the welfare of people. In addition, we also encourage employees to be a part of the community through charity and social service. By making a difference with limited resources and giving back to society through tangible and sustained initiatives, GIGABYTE employees can make our surrounding communities a better place.

  • As a computer hardware manufacturer, GIGABYTE extends our influence in science and technology education based on our core values. We hope to shorten the science and technology gap between regions and generations through practical participation and experience such as: understand the logic of a computer from a binary logic game, understand and assembly a computer by oneself, visit the production lines to enhance learning effectiveness and impressions, etc.

GIGABYTE has been hosting the Secret to Learning Computers, Bring Technology to Campus, and PC-DIY since 2002. A new course Computer Doctor was introduced in 2019 with students given a tour to the RMA center of Bestyield International to learn about the circular economy and its “Mottainai” philosophy. Also, the GIGABYTE “Fun Play with IoT Summer Camp” taught children how to turn their imagination of a digital function into reality through design thinking.

The outcomes in 2022 were as follows:

Person Times

Number of Participants of Technology Education in the Recent 5 Years

  • The GIGABYTE Benevolence – Hardship Grant for Students is a long-running program that invites employees to make fixed monthly or annual donations to children in disadvantaged families in order to reduce their economic stress. A total of 833 students and families experiencing hardship have received assistance since 2003.

Hardship Grants for Students in the Recent 5 Years

(For more information with regard to charity and social benefits, please visit GIGABYTE Education Foundation)