Green Ideas: Looking for Brilliant Green Solutions

Many innovative measures for turning a profit and improving energy efficiency can be adopted in corporate operations, office buildings, manufacturing, and marketing strategies. Green Action Plan hosts the “Green Ideas” competition where all employees are invited to submit their green ideas based on green topics. The sourcing of crowd wisdom encourages GIGABYTE employees to use their observation and creative-thinking skills, expanding environmental ingenuity from the individual level or the organizational level. This boosts the effectiveness of corporate environmental education and protection efforts while also making being green more fun and innovative. Green ideas are divided into three categories: “Energy Conservation”, “Environment Protection” and “Green Product”. Employees are then asked to vote for the best idea. Notebooks are awarded to the top five proposals, and to encourage participation, everyone who votes also receives a gift. The voting results may be used by GIGABYTE for future environmental improvements and product designs. This not only is a recognition of employees’ contributions but also boosts their identification with green ideas initiatives. Their support for environmental protection can then come from the heart.

Green Product Innovation: Looking for Sustainable Opportunities

Green product innovation drives growth and productivity; practicing green concepts in product design is the trend, upon which sustainable business opportunities and values can be created. Green product innovation relies on thinking outside the box and brainstorming on new technologies, different materials, or even different service models. GIGABYTE hosts the “Green Product Innovation Activity” based on the ideals of “Innovation, Value, Sustainability” with “Going green is free” as its theme to encourage employee proposals. An internal “Green Product Innovation Forum” has also been established to provide a platform for employees to discuss and share their brainstorming results. Ten design directions are offered by green innovation and design, such as material (plastics) reduction, ease of disassembly, product system innovation, etc. Explanations and case studies are provided as well to make the “Innovation, Value, Sustainability” concept a part of the corporate brand and lay down the foundation for green product development.

Core concepts of a green product:

1.Innovation- simple and creative design
2.Value- high-quality, environmentally-friendly, and affordable product
3. Sustainability- circular use of natural resources

Sustainability Fund: Unlock the Infinite Potentials of Reduction

GIGABYTE launched the 6-year “Sustainability Fund” in 2019. Funded by annual savings in energy expenses, the fund focuses on three aspects: energy conservation in factories, development of low-carbon product and reduction proposals, and green projects related to sustainable development and climate change. It aims to push ahead innovative reduction solutions for factories, operations, product strategies, and sustainability strategies through increasing the motivation and incentives and in the meantime cultivate the internal capability of green design in order to realize reductions at a company level.

Proposals and Reduction Performance

The reduction proposals received in 2020 included process digitization, recycling and reuse of plastic trays, and optimization or development of more high-efficient equipment. Besides, there were some ideas for innovative products and the reuse of abandoned packaging. Up to 75% of 59 proposals received over the years have been put into practice, indicating that the proposals have both creativity and practicality.

Number of Proposals Electricity Savings


Water Savings


Waste Reduction


Emissions Reduction


2019 11 52 12,332 59 62
2020 48 2,716 948 276 3,456
Total 59 2,768 13,280 335 3,518

Protect our Oceans – Plastic Reduction Poster Design Competition

GIGABYTE knows that while plastic products are very convenient, they also have a massive environmental impact. To increase the influence of the “Protect our Oceans – Plastic Reduction” initiative, we not only held celebrity seminars to promote the importance of plastic reduction internally but also sought to mobilize the general public in reducing the use of plastics from the source. Every little bit counts.

To this end, GIGABYTE partnered with the Taiwan Environmental Information Association for the first time in 2016 to host the “Protect our Oceans – Plastic Reduction Poster Design Competition” and promoted the importance of reducing plastic use to save the ocean. The design competition will hopefully give contestants a better understanding of the importance of plastics reduction. GIGABYTE can then join the environment and society in fighting for environmental sustainability.

A total of 830 submissions were received during this event. The gold, silver, 2 x bronze, and 10 x merit awards were also expanded to include 30 x finalist awards as a gesture of encouragement to designers. This also gave more submissions a chance to show off their sustainability idea, originality, and ingenuity.

Merit Gallery