The last three years of pandemic restrictions, geopolitical conflicts, inflation, and interest rate increases not only changed how people live but also forced a restructuring of the globalization business model. Fluctuating market demand tested the ability of businesses to adapt and the resilience of their supply chains. At GIGABYTE, strategic agility, transformation, and upgrades kept our business on an even keel in these tumultuous times so that we could continue to follow the four sustainability principles of “Zero Waste & Zero Pollution”, “Transition to Low-carbon Technology”, “Sustainability Cycle and Sharing”, and “Realization of Humanistic Value.” This was made possible by the combined efforts of the management team and all GIGABYTE employees, as well as mutual assistance and cooperation with our business partners.

In response to the growing threat posed by extreme climate, GIGABYTE is not only continuing to hold all of our existing product lines to the exacting standard of “Technological Innovation and Stable Quality” and focusing on developing critical technologies. We are breaking new ground in the high-performance computing field by supporting the global push and government policy on net zero carbon emissions by 2050. The high performance, agility, and new levels of cooling power achieved by our industry-leading Immersed Cooling Computing Data Center has proven popular with our customers, companies, government agencies, and academic research units. With its help, our customers are able to successfully gain a foothold in green computing without compromising on operational performance and sustainability.

GIGABYTE knows teamwork is essential to the implementation sustainability. In addition to serving as an accelerator for net zero carbon emissions for our customers, we also used our industry leadership and experience to help suppliers develop their GHG inventory capability and build a low-carbon supply chain. We also reactivated the “Make Earth Green Again” project with the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation to actively participate in voluntary ecological conservation and local empowerment. Internal talent is another important partner for corporate sustainability as well. GIGABYTE is committed to complying with international guidelines on protecting the human rights of workers in the workplace so that our employees can fulfill their potential in a diverse, inclusive, and happy workplace. We will also continue to cultivate awareness of ESG among our employees and build a greener corporate culture. At the social engagement level, GIGABYTE has long applied its core expertise to projects for promoting technology education, innovation and talent development. We also actively support charities and founded the 3unlight volunteering platform in 2022 to encourage employees to support social topics and sow the seeds for positive change.

In an era where risk and opportunity coexist side-by-side, GIGABYTE will continue to move forward in an optimistic and cautious manner even as we uphold our core philosophy of “Upgrade Your Life” to create a better life for all humanity through our expertise in technology. Even as we pursue business growth, we will strive to fulfill our corporate responsibility on sustainability and invite our value chain partners to join us in maximizing our contributions on environmental and social topics.