In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic put societies under pressure and inflict untold damage, and also created unprecedented challenges for businesses. GIGABYTE was not immune to its impacts. Fortunately, the operational model which has been built on sustainable development for years provided a solid foundation for us to respond swiftly and outstandingly. Our longstanding emphasis on transparency and engagement with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders contributed to reducing the cost of communication during the pandemic. Our efforts on building a corporate culture of happiness created a high level of cohesion among employees, which then transferred to perfect cooperation on epidemic prevention.

Not even COVID-19 could slow down GIGABYTE to fulfil our corporate mission of “Upgrade Your Life”. During 2020, we continued to embed sustainability into business models and strategies. In addition to developing intelligent solutions for enterprise, education, healthcare, public sector, and other fields, we also launched a business unit devoting to the circular economy, It is to support the 5+2 Innovative Industries Plan of the Taiwan government, and simultaneously inject more sustainability, vitality, and new opportunities into society, the industry, as we as GIGABYTE itself. Furthermore, through competitions, events, and training, GIGABYTE encourages employees to keep the spirit of inquiry to generate innovative concepts at work and also support and give feedback to the environment and society that nurture us.

The implementation and inheritance of sustainability depend on continual participation by all partners. A sincere invitation is hereby extended to every stakeholder who cares about GIGABYTE. Your actions could make a difference in the realization of sustainability. I hope we can all work together on reforms and fill this world with hopes.