GIGABYTE upholds the ideal of “Care about our Society and Sustainable Development” to train our talents, adopt roads and green land, plant native species, and actively participate in community outreach and development. The purpose of the “GIGABYTE Education Foundation” is to achieve the harmonious progress of society by promoting technology education, art & culture, and upgrading your life. Through the promotion of technology education, innovation, arts & culture, and more charitable activities, we can repay society for its support and carry out the company’s social responsibility. Employees are guided to be involved in all charitable activities and community service projects, and then the community is better off with GIGABYTE’s participation.

Community Development – Co-building A Better Life

To repay the community for its support and provide a better living environment, GIGABYTE is duty-bound to make employees feel the joy of helping others and participate in community outreach and development through blood donation, charity’s winter aid, green lands and streets adoption and maintenance, free computer classes, and other activities.

  1. Participate in the Joint Blood Donation Drive in Xindian.
  2. Hold GIGABYTE charity winter aid.
  3. Donate notebooks to low-income households to help bridge the digital gap.
  4. Support schools in remote areas for their art and culture.
  5. After-school care for elementary school students from disadvantaged and single-parent families.
  6. The Nanping Factory adopted green grass in the park and make it greener.
  7. Adopt and maintain the part of Bao Chiang Road where the Headquarters in Xindian is located.
  8. Participate in events held by charity groups for the disadvantaged, including the Prader-Will Syndrome Charity Road Run and Christmas Charity Sale for Spinal Injuries.

Social Charity – Selfless Love for the Society

GIGABYTE extends the idea of “caring about the society and sustainable development” outwardly from the corporate group to the whole society. We work together to build a positive society that allows people in need to have hope again.

GIGABYTE Education Foundation launches the “Love from GIGABYTE” end-of-year fundraising event at the end of every year to raise funds from GIGABYTE’s employees, their families, and the brand supporters. The funds raised through these donations mainly go to:

  1. Provide scholarships to students who experience unexpected events in their families.
  2. Donate to the Children’s Hearing Foundation’s early intervention for hearing impaired children from disadvantaged families.
  3. Donate to the Tzu Chi’s long-term welfare dependence and single-parent families.

GIGABYTE donates medical equipment, ambulances, and network environment equipment to hospitals for improving the medical environment and also provides financial aid for poor patients to take good medical treatments.

GIGABYTE helps to set up computer classrooms or donates computer equipment to a couple of associations that focus on cancer treatment to improve its operational efficiency and convenience.

GIGABYTE sends red envelopes, rice, cooking oil, etc. to rag pickers as well as the children and teenagers from families under living allowances. We believe that society will be warmer and more beautiful if everyone contributes a little love and action.

Small Farmer Supporting – Direct Purchase of Agricultural Products

Internal Group Purchase

Taiwan’s agriculture production and distribution system suffer from some inherent limitations that limit the resources available to small farmers. We believe that small farmers who insist on employing environmentally friendly farming techniques should receive more support. To this end, we visit small farmers who practice friendly agriculture and partner with them on organizing internal group buys. Each employee is given 7,200 Benefit Purchasing Points every year as an incentive to buy products from these farmers. In this way, not only our staff can buy cheaper, safer, and fresher fruits and vegetables, the lives of farmers can be improved by avoiding price exploitation from intermediaries. It is a win-win strategy.

When promoting the agricultural products from small farmers, we also introduce the eco-friendly production processes as well as the stories of the farmers. GIGABYTE is devoted to discovering good small farmers that are in need of help all around Taiwan. So far, we have cooperated with more than 70 types of agricultural products, which are from two-third of counties in Taiwan.

Corporate Co-marketing

Besides, when bumper crops or sluggish sales of agricultural products due to changing trade conditions occur and lead to an imbalance between supply and demand, GIGABYTE often partners with nearby businesses and charities to make bulk purchases in order to avoid waste and help the farmers as well. The agricultural products are then distributed to employees, suppliers, as well as local communities. Through promoting local agriculture and quality farm produce of Taiwan, GIGABYTE hopes not only to make new friends but also to help farmers pass through difficult times.

Main Accomplishments of Co-Marketing Over the Years

200 Boxes / Approx. 3.6 Metric Tons of Limes

July is the lime season but bumper crops in the summers of 2019 and 2020 all led to a collapse in producer prices. GIGABYTE answered the call from the Agriculture and Food Agency by placing bulk orders for quality limes from Pingtung. The AORUS statue in the main lobby of GIGABYTE headquarters ended up surrounded by gleaming, fragrant green limes, filling passing employees with expectation. Every employee received 5 to 6 fresh limes to help their appetites beat the summer heat!

1,490 Boxes / Approx. 31.5 Metric Tons of Cabbages

Cabbage farmers re-planted too much cabbage after typhoon damage in 2017 so market prices collapsed. A bumper crop in 2018 created a glut in the market as well. On both occasions, GIGABYTE hosted cabbage bonanza events and bulk orders were placed through the GIGABYTE Education Foundation. The cabbages were then distributed to employees, the local police station, and other agencies. Employees were also encouraged to eat more vegetables for their health!

608 Boxes / Approx. 9.06 Metric Tons of Banana

The high banana prices in the previous year led to banana growers planting more banana trees and agricultural agencies began warning of a glut in 2017. GIGABYTE responded by joining the “Banana Carnival” campaign launched by the Social Enterprise faculty at Fu Jen Catholic University in June to help stabilized banana prices through pre-orders, and to avoid panic sellers. This would hopefully protect farmers and consumers alike.

In November, GIGABYTE mobilized other companies such as AAEON and Innodisk along with charity foundations to co-market bananas from Minjian, Nantou. Participating companies and suppliers all “showed off their bananas” on social media to express their appreciation and gratitude for the donated fruit.