Organization for Promoting Sustainable Development

The “GIGABYTE Green Sustainable Development Committee” is the main decision-making and operational organization on the promotion of sustainable development affairs in GIGABYTE. The Chairman, Pei-Cheng Yeh, serves as the chairperson, and the Director of the Sustainable Development Office serves as the convener. Every 1-2 months, representatives from each BU, site, and subsidiary are invited to attend meetings. Each representative reports the current status or trend of sustainability issues, environmental issues, and product regulations, and proposes responding strategies in order to help the Company timely adjust the internal policy and keep up with the global tendency.

The conclusions and messages from the monthly meetings are regularly reported to the Office of the President during the joint monthly meetings. The yearly outcomes of implemented sustainable development actions as well as an executive plan for the next year are also reported to the board of directors at least once a year. The board evaluates the feasibility of the plans, reviews the progress of the strategies, and requires the Committee to improve when necessary. This is to effectively integrate corporate governance policies with sustainable development trends. We hope that GIGABYTE can always lead the way in implementing corporate sustainable development.

GIGABYTE Green Sustainable Development Committee
2023 Committee Focus

CSR Strategy Map

GIGABYTE takes the core corporate philosophy, “Upgrade Your Life”, as a purpose and considers the degree of concern of stakeholders to establish 4 CSR visions as long-term goals of GIGABYTEʼs Sustainable Development: Zero Waste and Zero Pollution, Low-carbon Technology Transition, Leader of Sustainability and Circular Economy, and Realization of Humanistic Value. Then, we outline the expected value creation based on the visions – reducing operational footprint, deeply building innovative strength, establishing a friendly brand, and creating shared value. After reviewing the Companyʼs operating status and practical practices, 4 operational strategies are further set up in response to economic value and ESG and for the sake of building an integrated and sound blueprint for sustainable governance.

In 2015, the United Nations established 17 sustainable development goals that drew up a clear roadmap to sustainability for governments, businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals. GIGABYTE adopted the methodology developed by SDG Compass to identify 6 high-priority goals and 3 voluntary targets most closely aligned with our core abilities. The core spirit of each goal was then incorporated into the 4 visions of our CSR strategy map, and the guiding principles were adjusted accordingly to ensure that every sustainability action was connected to the global consensus for co-prosperity.

Governance Aspect

Sustainable Governance
Integrity Management
Risk Management

Economic Aspect

Green Innovation
Friendly Product
Sustainable Supply Chain

Environmental Aspect

Environmental Management
Climate Change
Resource Circulation

Social Aspect

Happy Workplace
Social Engagement
Sustainability Promotion

Process of CSR Development