Sustainability Achievements of the Year

GIGABYTE sets up a long-term goal for achieving sustainability. In each year, through multi-facedly innovative implementations, we keep moving forward to the sustainable development goal and hope to create a better future jointly with our value chain partners.

Advance the Target Year of 50% Emission Reduction from 2030 to 2025

To show our commitment to bolder actions against climate change, GIGABYTE decided to advance the target year of the 50% reduction in carbon emissions from 2030 to 2025, which is 5 years ahead.

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Make Earth Green Again

GIGABYTE responded to the UNEP Trillion Campaign and fulfilled our commitment to planting 75,000 trees in 2020. These trees were planted in Campeche, Mexico, as part of the Plant-for-the-Planet ‘s reforestation project. The project not only restores the biodiversity of the originally infertile lands but also provides work opportunities to the local residents.

In 2020, GIGABYTE collaborated with the government in Taiwan and called on high-level executives to plant trees personally in Pinglin of New Taipei City.
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Endeavor to Build Up a Health and Happy Workplace

GIGABYTE attaches great importance to the physical and mental health of each employee. In 2020, a series of health promotion activities were held, such as weight-loss competitions and physical training courses. Also, the employees with higher health risks are subsidized for further medical care in order to reach the target of “early prevention and complete treatment”.

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Reinforcement of Sustainability Partnership

Despite being under pandemic conditions, GIGABYTE is still striving to deepen sustainable supply chain management. From the sustainability evaluation, which is the most fundamental, to joint beach cleaning and supplier conferences, GIGABYTE applies diverse channels to deliver our sustainability concepts. We are extremely willing to team up with our partners and create new sustainable value together!

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