“Upgrade Your Life” is the corporate purpose of GIGABYTE, and also the core vision of our commitment to social welfare- promoting science education with core capabilities while paying attention to humanistic development and sponsoring cultural or educational activities that benefit society.

In terms of science and technology education, in addition to the long-term product design contest and digital competence workshops, GIGABYTE also co-organizes a cross-disciplinary Transaction Award with the government and industry to actively cultivate slashies for the industry. At the same time, GIGABYTE fully sponsors art and cultural activities and brings art into the community and the Company to cultivate humanistic literacy for the whole generation.

Cultivate Technological Talents and Implement Digital Inclusion

As a technology hardware manufacturer at the forefront of technology and innovation, GIGABYTE firmly believes that everyone should have the opportunity and ability to experience the convenience and progress brought by technology. Therefore, the GIGABYTE Education Foundation has continuously promoted science and technology education in multiple forms since 2010, just like building a wonderful science and technology city in which people of different genders, age groups, education levels, and other backgrounds can experience the surprise and happiness created by the science and technology.

GIGABYTE Technology Education Formula City

The Secret to Computers

Suspended in 2023 due to COVID-19

The Secret to Computers

GIGABYTE has opened the Nanping Plant in Taoyuan for schools to visit since 2002. It is still the only motherboard manufacturing factory in Taiwan that opened the production lines to the public for visiting. The types of visitors include elementary school summer camps, high schools, vocational schools, universities and colleges, and also expands to foreign visitors for learning. The Secret of Computers has become one of the most solid approaches for industry-university exchanges and unofficial diplomacy!

Digital Charity

Achievements in 2023: 44 sessions / 4,471 participants

Digital Charity

With the popularization of the digital age, GIGABYTE has also actively invested in the educational fields of digitally disadvantaged communities and ethnic groups, such as elders, foreign spouses, and children with rare diseases. We provide computer and mobile phone teaching classes and focus on topics based on the participants’ interests, such as documents, cloud, multimedia, social software, and experience programs, so that every student can put what they have learned to good use.

Bring Technology to Campus & PC DIY

Achievements in 2023: 26 sessions / 695 participants

Bring Technology to Campus & PC DIY

GIGABYTE not only opens the factory to students, but also actively enters the campus to provide with opportunities to learn about functions, composition, and operation of computer components, and through the DIY process to stimulate children’s interest and impression of computer structure. We keep optimizing the teaching content, adding courses of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) operations, and solar DIY to take root in campus technology quality.

G-Design Contest

Achievements in 2023: 505 entries

G-Design Contest

The Great Design Contest has been held for 19 consecutive years. It has an outstanding team of industry experts, and the contest themes are always closely related to the trend. The contest is student-oriented, providing handsome bonuses, and actively assists participants in patent applications. Therefore, it has become a well-known domestic science and technology creativity contest.

In the 2023 G-Design Contest, the theme for Creative Technology Group was “Awakening Power”. Contestants were encouraged to optimize the two-way experience between digital and real life by using appropriate technologies and friendly designs that reflect the product’s sustainability.
The theme for the Upgrade Your Life Group was “Companionship and Love”. Contestants were asked to develop a product that would enable the general public and people with disabilities to interact with one another with empathy, positivity, and full understanding. With these integrated characteristics of diversity and inclusion, “difference” can be turned into a force for good.

Computer Doctor

Achievements in 2023: 4 sessions / 168 participants

Computer Doctor

The resources on the earth are gradually used up. Every citizen of the world must understand the concept of the circular economy. In 2019, Bestyield International opened the “Computer Doctor” course aiming at turning over the students’ impression of “recycling” and understanding its value and importance.

The visitors came in 2023 were from the Department of Business Administration of National Chengchi University, the Information Processing Class of Keelung Er Xing Senior High School, High Schools in Taoyuan District, and the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education

TRIZ Innovative Thinking

Achievements in 2023: Hosted 9 instructor training workshops and 2023 TRIZ Creativity Contest for Kids

TRIZ Innovative Thinking

TRIZ is a systematic approach to innovation based on 40 types of invention principles, ideality rules, use of resources, and system evolution trends. Proficiency with TRIZ invention principles and examples enables the rapid identification of effective solutions to problems.

GIGABYTE has collaborated with the Taiwan TRIZ Association since 2021 on hosting activities such as TRIZ “innovation and invention” instructor training and the TRIZ Cup Childrenʼs Creativity Challenge. We hope to cultivate innovative thinking at an early age and enhance the innovation ability of young students.

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Cross-Disciplinary Collaborate to Foster Technology Power by Enterprise Power

The “Trans Action Award”, first held in 2014. was led by the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and organized by famous technology companies such as GIGABYTE, Pegatron, Acer, and HTC. It is the first competition focusing on user experience (UX) in order to encourage industries to introduce UX.

To promote robotics education, in 2023, the GIGABYTE Education Foundation supported the 1st HSRT Robot Contest together with industry, government, academic, and research organizations. We hope students will accumulate experiences and develop skills through the contest and stand out in this field in the future.

Art & Culture Promotion and Aesthetic Education

Versatile Art and Culture Promotion

Art and culture activities can enrich peopleʼs daily life, thus we have been supporting and promoting many types of art and culture activities for a long time. We have our art gallery in the main lobby, and we also hold art & cultural workshops, recreational activities, and many other activities. We encourage employees to directly support those low-budget performing art groups by attending performances. In general, we hope to enhance employeesʼ aesthetic literacy, vitalize the art scene, ensure employees have quality leisure time and humanism and then create a people-oriented corporate culture.

In 2023, the GIGABYTE Education Foundation invited colleagues to purchase 965 tickets totaling NTD655,729 for 19 arts and cultural performances, totaling 30 sessions. Donations were also made to support the Contemporary Legend Theater’s development of a pioneering technological arts base for cultivating the next generation of artists. Also in 2023, GIGABYTE was awarded the Bronze Award of the 16th Wenxin Award.

  1. Book whole cinemas for popular movies
  2. Exchange activities of lifelong education learning circle by Ministry of Education: “Huwei Leisure Fun” and “Romance of Hakka Cultural Study Tour”
  3. Upgrade Your Life Seminar: Art, music and nature experts were invited to give topical lectures at company premises
  4. Art and culture tickets: Discounted tickets are offered for the latest plays, musicals, and childrenʼs festivals.
  5. Regular updating of the Upgrade Your Life art gallery at the Headquarters

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