We are facing the Threat from Plastics

According to American scientists, in 2010, coastal countries dumped approximately 8 million metric tons of plastic waste into the oceans. This figure may increase to 16 million metric tons a year within the next 10 years. Another international research team found that there are more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic waste floating in the ocean. These have a total weight of around 269,000 metric tons.

80% of marine plastics come from terrestrial sources. The gyres of trash pose a threat to human health as well. When the plastic trash turns into small fragments and is swallowed by marine organisms, the toxic ingredients in the plastic gradually accumulate inside the organisms. Hundreds of millions of pellets that make up plastics are washed into the sea every year. Marcus Eriksen, the director of Al-galita Marine Research and Education described how plastic trash “absorbed man-made chemical toxins like hydrocarbons and DDT like sponges” before entering animal bodies. Eventually, they end up on people’s dining tables to impact our health and the health of our next generation.

Thousand Mile Trek – Go Green Taiwan

Walk around Taiwan on foot and safeguard the land by hand.

In 2015, a group of Earth lovers at GIGABYTE decided to express their love for the land through action. The Sustainable Development Office launched the “Thousand Mile Trek – Go Green Taiwan ” to walk on foot around Taiwan in sections over 5-6 years. The trekkers would pick up plastic rubbish along the way. Don’t underestimate the power of these small actions in our daily life because that may make big changes to the future. As long as we are ready to take action and make the sacrifice, then no matter how tiny our effort is, if everyone goes the extra mile then all kinds of possibilities open up.

Go Green Taiwan Dairy


36|Last Mile of the Trek, Last Piece of the Dream
35|Good Neighbor of Budai
34|Wandering to Tamsui
32|The Sunrise of Taimali
33|Story of Sugar Town (Yunlin-Chiayi–Tainan Plain)
31|Meet New Jinshan by Chance
30|Love Pusung Like the Mountain Loves the Sea
29|Admire Candlestick Islets from Shitoushan
28|Ramble through Small Town Lukang
27|Roam through the North Coast
26|Drive through Fangliao
25|Scenes along the West Coast Expressway
24|Celebrate Double Ten with Double Legs
23|Goodbye to Port of Taichung
22|Escape from Marine Waste
21|Amazing Longdong Bay
20|Walking through Kaohsiung
19|Trek Together and Welcome New Year


18|Visit to Dajia Praying for a Good Luck
17|Intellectual journey to Tainan and Kaohsiung
16|Following Railway along East Coast
15|Grand Tour to Suao-Hualien
14|Strolling along Baishatun
13|Far Travel to Kebalan
12|Exploration of Mountain City (Miaoli)
11|Beauty of Lanyang Plain
10|Matsu Heritage Trek
9|Tour of Historic Capital
8|Discover the Cape of Good Hope
7|South-Link Cross-Island Mountain Trail
6|Emei Lake
5|Pilgrimage to Dajia Matsu
4|South of Border- Kenting
3|Hexing Railway Station
2|Cao-ling Historic Trail
1|Maiden Voyage- Qingshui Temple in Sanxia

Map of Thousand Mile Trek