Talent Recruitment

GIGABYTE defines a clear set of criteria for recruitment. We look for multi-national and multi-disciplinary talents based on the development focus of each business unit and department. The cultivation of the younger generation is important to us as well. We establish industry-academia cooperation programs with colleges and universities and organize long-running product design competitions that provide students with a stage to showcase their knowledge and creativity, expand their horizons on career possibilities, and enrich their practical experiences. GIGABYTE provided internship opportunities to 2 students from the National Taipei University of Technology in 2022.

2022 Statistics of New Employees and Ratio

[Note 1] The total number of new employees includes direct and indirect employees.

[Note 2] The calculation of the New Hire Ratio = total number of new hires for the year / (head count at the end of the previous year + total new hires in the current year)

[Note 3] The subsidiaries Cloudmatrix, Senyun Precision Optical, and Selita Precision were added to the disclosure scope in 2022. No head count data from the previous years were available, so these were treated as N/A.

2022 Statistics of Resigned Employees and Ratio

In 2022, 92% of employee turnover was from voluntary separation. The main reasons were continuing education and enrollment.

[Note 1] The high personnel turnover rate in China bases was mainly due to the expiration of contracts with winter vacation workers and interns. Many employees left the jobs to return to their hometowns before Spring Festival, and thus the recruitment increased to balance the need for manpower.

[Note 2] The Turnover Ratio was calculated as the total number of separations during the year ÷ (head count at the end of the previous year + total new hires in the current year)

[Note 3] The subsidiaries Cloudmatrix, Senyun Precision Optical, and Selita Precision were added to the disclosure scope in 2022. No head count data from the previous years were available, so these were treated as N/A.

Solid Remuneration Structure

The compensation system at GIGABYTE is based on grade, education, background, seniority, and fair performance evaluations to ensure that they accurately reflect each employee’s contribution. For detailed information on the distribution of employee and directors’ compensation, please refer to the GIGABYTE 2022 Annual Report ; for details on the number, average salary, and media salary of full-time employees in non-management positions in the Taiwan region, please refer to the Market Observation Post System website. GIGABYTE introduced the performance evaluation system at the G-Style, GIGAPIC, and Bestyield International in 2022. The system will be progressively rolled out to all subsidiaries. In addition to the basic salary, GIGABYTE offers a variety of incentives and welfares such as seniority awards, patent awards, quarterly bonuses, as well as performance bonuses in order to encourage outstanding employees. These can also stimulate inner enthusiasm and share the success of GIGABYTE with all of our employees.

Type of Performance Appraisal

Type Applicable Object Frequency
Management by Objectives
  • Indirect labor who has been employed for more than three months (inclusive).
  • Employees with Grade 8 and above are reviewed by year-end reports instead of performance appraisals, so they are not included in performance appraisals.
  • Partial part-time employees, employees who are on leave without pay and have not been reinstated or have been reinstated but are not eligible for the above conditions will not be included in appraisal objects.
  • Employees who transfer departments during the evaluation period will be evaluated by the head of the new department. The new head can consult the original head.
  • Grade 1 direct labor is evaluated by each business unit.
Twice a year
360 Degree Evaluation
  • Employees at management levels
For managers above certain grades to be promoted, taking a 360 Degree Evaluation is required.

2022 Employee Participation in Annual Performance Evaluations

[Note 1] The following personnel do not take part in end-of-term evaluations and thus were not included in the above statistics:

  1. Senior managers above grade 8.
  2. Grade 1 personnel, including part-time workers, production line workers, and operators.
  3. The employees who have served for less than 3 months.

[Note 2] There were no employees in management positions at the G-Style subsidiary, so the above table’s corresponding ratios are N/A.

2022 Ratio of the Average Salary of Basic-level Employees to the Local Minimum Wage

2022 Gender Pay Ratio[1] and Range of Salary Adjustment by Business Locations

GIGABYTE adjusts salaries based on the current year’s price index, industry salary adjustment standards, civil servant salary adjustment ratios, as well as individual performance appraisals. When work goals are met, bonuses are issued.

Long-Term Incentives for Employees

Employee Stock Ownership Trust

GIGABYTE started handling employee stock ownership trusts in 2010. For employees above a certain grade, a percentage of their monthly salary or bonus can be allocated to the trust fund to purchase the Company’s stocks. The Company allocates an amount to encourage employees, so they can enjoy the company’s profits and strengthen their solidarity with the company.

Employee restricted stock awards

In order to attract and retain the needed professional talent, encourage employees, and improve employees’ cohesion to build benefits for the Company and its shareholders, GIGABYTE processed the issuance of restricted stock awards for 2023 to ensure that the rights and interests of employees and shareholders align. The eligibility of employees receiving allocation shall be limited to: (a) individuals whose ability and qualities are highly relevant to the Company’s future strategy and development; (b) individuals who have a major impact on Company operations, (c) and key talent in core technologies. The number of shares granted shall be determined by the employee’s seniority, position, performance, overall contribution, special contribution, and other meaningful factors in management.