Group Sustainable Development Training

GIGABYTE began offering a series of sustainability courses between 2022 and 2023 to cultivate our employees’ ESG and sustainability awareness. The courses were also made mandatory for certain positions. We hoped to strengthen our corporate sustainability culture by providing employees with a progressive introduction to core concepts in ESG and corporate sustainability practices.

Dec 8, 2022
How Far ESG Is – Solutions for Businesses
Number of participants: 92

  • Tragedy of the horizon
  • Green swan effect
  • Rising importance of sustainability
  • CSR x SDGs x ESG
  • CSR Initiatives
  • 4 case studies

Feb 23, 2023
The Present and Future of Supply Chain – Sustainability, Digitalization, and Resilience
Number of participants: 77

  • An overview of the supply chain development trend in electronics industry
  • Supply chain sustainability challenges
  • Incorporating digital technology into supply chain management
  • Improvement of supply chain resilience

Jul 26, 2023
Carbon Exchange and Its Application in Corporate Management
Number of participants: 70

  • A “carbon credit” with two different implications
  • Status quo of carbon exchange mechanisms in Taiwan
  • Purposes of carbon credit trading from a business perspective

Celebrity Seminars for Ideas from the Heart

Technology and the environment are both changing at an increasing pace. New research on environmental issues are constantly emerging as well. As global citizens, we need to be alert to the latest trends and adjust our direction as necessary. “Celebrity Seminars” are therefore hosted by the Green Action Plan on selected environmental issues. Leading local academics or experts are invited to speak on these topics to keep all employees up to date on the latest environmental knowledge, and help them grasp the proper concepts and attitudes.

The seminars cover a diverse range of topics including energy-saving and carbon reduction, environmental design, sustainable corporate development, preservation of biodiversity, conservation of marine ecology, and the small farmer renaissance. Since 2018, we have held seminars covering the issues of hazardous substances in order to make staff more aware of the links between (external and internal) environmental issues and their health.

The seminars only provide with vegetarian lunch boxes instead of meat lunch boxes and also provide eco-friendly agricultural products as gifts for quiz winners. These actions look small and limited yet can create multiple effects.

Topic Speaker Service Organization
Love the Earth by Protecting the Environment Prof. Shin-Cheng YEH Graduate Institute of Environmental Education, National Taiwan Normal University
Challenges and Opportunities in the Low-Carbon Era Chairman Dr. Eugene CHIEN Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy
Sustainable Management Strategies Prof. Yung-Shuen SHEN Center of Holistic Education, Mackay Medical College
Global Green Sustainable Enterprise Challenge Secretary-General Dr. Niven Huang BCSD Taiwan
Do-it-Yourself LOHAS Director Hsiu-Ju SUN Environmental Trust Center, Taiwan Environmental Information Association (TEIA)
Indicators for a Low-Carbon Life Deputy Executive Director Wim CHANG Delta Electronics Foundation
Four-Season Vegetable Gardening Prof. Ho-Ching LEE Center for General Education, National Central University
Thinking about Coffee and Global Environment Prof. Chin-Shou WANG Center for General Education, National Tsing Hwa University
Global Change and the Need for Action Lecturer Hsin-Wei LIU Taiwan Environmental Information Association (TEIA)
CSR: Underlying New Business Opportunities Lecturer Shiro Chu Taiwan Environmental Information Association (TEIA)
Buy Groceries in an Eco Way Writer Ka-Shiang LIU Natural ecological writer
Threats of Endemic Fish in Paddies Director Cheng-Kang LIU Taiwan Native Fish Conservation Association
Photographing the Island We Called Home – Marine Resource Consumption and Conservation Program Producer Li-Ping YU TV Program “Our Land” of Taiwan Public Television Service Foundation
See through Macro photography Lenses – The Beauty of Ecological Taiwan Lecturer Tung-Chieh LU School of Forestry and Resource Conservation, National Taiwan University
Diligence – Chasing the Dream of Satoyama in Taiwan Deputy Executive Director Ming-Yuan CHOU Taiwan Ecological Engineering Development Foundation
Face the Climate Change – CompaniesʼTips Dr. Chi-Ming PENG WeatherRisk Explore Inc.
We Have the Final Say on Sustainable Future Secretary-General He-Lin XIE Taiwan Watch Institute
Impacts of Environmental Hormone on Human Health Pro. Eileen Jea CHIEN Department & Institute of Physiology, National Yang-Ming University
A Sail to the Pacific- Tracking Humanʼs Plastic Footprint Narrator Ming-Hui LIAO Kuroshio Ocean Education Foundation
Low Carbon, Sustainability and Social Communication: The Core Thought and Strategy of Enterprise Sustainability Prof. Shin-Cheng YEH Graduate Institute of Environmental Education, National Taiwan Normal University
How to Surpass myself – Relink the Human with the Nature Prof. Ju CHOU Graduate Institute of Environmental Education, National Taiwan Normal University
A Compendium of Toxin-Free Living Nurse Dan-Tsu LIN-TAN Clinical Poison Center, Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital
Environment, Diet and Cancer Prevention Prof. Yue-Hwa CHEN School of Food Safety, Taipei Medical University

Environmental Education Hands-on Activities

Environmental protection can be easy and interesting! With “everyday environmental protection” as the theme, the Green Action Plan emphasizes the importance of hands-on practice. We organize many seminars and activities to enhance the environmental awareness of all employees while cultivating the necessary knowledge, attitude, and skills so they can take action at work and in everyday life right away. People can then practice environmental protection and combat global warming at all times. This will in turn influence their family and the whole society.

  • Save Energy and Reduce Emissions with Tzu Chi’s 5 Good Deeds per Day
  • Greening: From Seed to Pot Plant
  • Saving Electricity: Green Collar Learning AAA
  • Beach Clean-up: Wetlands of Formosa
  • Saving Energy and Reducing Carbon Emissions to Save the Planet
  • Global Warming and Reactions to Global Warming
  • Cancer Prevention through Healthy Living, Global Warming Prevention through Environmental Protections
  • Creative Aesthetics vs. Practical Living
  • Record your Plastic Bag Usage
  • Drink Tea, Save the Dam
  • You Can Be an Energy Doctor
  • Green Planet and Clean Living with DIY Eco-friendly Enzymes
  • The Lesson Trees Can Teach Us: Concepts of Old Tree Conservation
  • How to Be a Good Tea Taster?
  • Trace the Antecedent of the Island: Exploring Geological Diversity of Taiwan
  • Rescue the Endangered Animals in Taiwan
  • Competition for Environmental Protection and Disaster Prevention Hero

Low-Carbon LOHAS and Ecological Care

Every corner in Taiwan has its own unique culture and environment. Local communities also develop their own way of living a low-carbon lifestyle. Green Action Plan organizes low-carbon LOHAS activities every year in order to motivate employees to support environmental protection while having fun. Employees can use visits to sustainable communities to slow down and experience the different ecological features and cultural wisdom of northern Taiwan communities. They can also savor the true meaning of LOHAS and ecological care.

  • Experience the Environmental Culture of Tzu Chi Recycling Depots
  • Cloud Sea, Indigo Dye and Glow Worms
  • Pinglin River Conservation and Carbon-free Cycling
  • Earth Housing at Ergeshan
  • Low-Carbon LOHAS Culture Tour
  • Environmental Cultural Experience & Glow Worm Adventure
  • Century-Old Fishing Village and Sustainable Community
  • Low-Carbon Fish Conservation and Tea Exploration
  • Experience the Low Carbon Sungai Trip
  • Wulai Neidong Forest Walk
  • River Trekking
  • Trips to the Dam
  • Reviving Rice Terraces
  • Mangrove Forest Working Holidays
  • Night Adventure of Algal Reef
  • Embracing the Nature and Exploring the Countryside- Working Holiday
  • Depositing the Nature – Alibong Ecological Farm
  • Guarding Leopard Cats, Breeding Forests – Working Holiday
  • Hugging the Nature, Connecting Humans with Leopard Cates – Working Holiday
  • Love the Land and Guard the Leopard Cats – Working Holiday
  • Light Trip to Circular Agriculture Farm