Many materials from discarded electronic products are still well usable. By reusing, these resources can bring more value and contribute to creating a circular society. GIGABYTE conforms to the European Union WEEE Directive extending manufacturer responsibility. We have set up reverse logistics and recycling channels in Europe, North America, and Taiwan. Consumers can check with us to find the closest recycling point to them and drop off any products they would like to discard. In this way, waste can be recycled and reused with an extended lifecycle, which makes energy and resource be used properly in a circular way.

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Circular Economy Solution

In 2018, GIGABYTE drew on more than 20 years of professional expertise in PCB repairs and customer service to set up the subsidiary Bestyield International (“Bestyield”). A sustainable circular economy business model was established based on a core philosophy of Mottainai[1]. The highest level of “Optimizing” certification under the BS 8001 circular economy standard was successfully obtained for business model maturity in 2020. Then, in 2022, it won the Outstanding Award of Innovative Service Award at the 3rd Taiwan Circular Economy Awards as well as the SGS Excellent Quality Practice Award.

[1] Mottainai is a Japanese phrase used to sigh for something that is no longer what it should be. It was later used to convey regret over wasting materials, efforts, or actions.

In 2022, Bestyield extended the life of 660,710 pieces of products through repair and refurbishment, equivalent to removing 774.2 metric tons of electronic waste. The EPA product carbon footprint database estimated carbon emissions from solidification and disposal of hazardous industrial waste to be 130 kg-CO2e per tonne, so that means we reduced carbon emissions by 100,646 kg.

Action Plan Outcomes in 2022

619,474 pieces  of products were sent for repairs and 611,162 pieces were picked up after being repaired. The repair rate was 98.7%, and reduced electronic waste by 726.7 metric tons.


A total of 41,236 pieces of products were refurbished and 16,192 pieces were sold after refurbishment. Unsold products were returned to the distributor’s refurbished goods warehouse after refurbishment and testing for continued use. Electronic waste was reduced by a total of 47.6 metric tons.

Recycling and Reuse

Consumers turned in 10,174 pieces of products for scrapping while Bestyield purchased 16,220 pieces of waste products and recovered 267 pieces of B2B leased devices. These were refurbished, remanufactured, or recycled in some other manner for reuse.

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