The headquarters of GIGABYTE is located in Xindian District of New Taipei City, an area that shallow mountains transition to urban development. In recent years, the growing urban population, shrinking green spaces, and proliferation of high-rise buildings have increased the urban heat island effect. This has made carbon emissions reduction more difficult and puts greater pressure on plains-dwelling wildlife. GIGABYTE thus undertook a renovation project in 2012, named “G-HOME GIGABYTE sustainable eco-rooftop,” with an aim of shouldering responsibilities of a good citizen of the Earth as well as providing a place for employees to relax. G-HOME was completely constructed in 2013 and inaugurated on Earth Day in the same year.

G-HOME Construction Philosophy

The design and construction of G-HOME Sustainable Eco-Rooftop was based on the ideal of “returning trees to the earth”. The initial philosophy contained 3 core factors: employee, living, and environment, which means it serves as a green living space for balancing work, life, and recreation.

G-HOME is a demonstration and experimental venue for promoting environmental education. It incorporates ten innovations based on the core concept of “low maintenance, ecological design and multiple benefits of resource use.”

G-HOME is a bio-mimicry microhabitat created for native plants. Limited human intervention is needed to remove weeds and destructive insects. Compared to traditional garden landscaping, it saves money and manpower on maintenance and offers a biodiverse habitat for all creatures.

The area of G-HOME is merely 800 square meters; however, it has created a wide range of environmental benefits included: increased urban habitat diversity, thermal insulation, carbon dioxide absorption, rainwater reclamation, and complementary wind/solar power systems, etc.

Employee health is not only GIGABYTEʼs responsibility but also the driver of business growth. The natural space of G-HOME offers a place where employees can stretch out and relax. Employee needs are taken into account in the design tails through a smoking space, healthy walkway area, and rooftop farm. These help with achieving physical and mental balance.

The rapid pace of urban life and intense work environment may cause stress and mental problems. It would be of great help to refresh body and mind by going outdoors and getting close to nature. Unfortunately, due to limited urban space, urban residents are usually isolated from natural landscapes on weekdays. GIGABYTE renovates barren roof space with ecological green design, interconnects human beings and nature, and also offers a space for employees to relax, share ideas, and do brainstorm. There is also a “friendly farming area” where employees can enjoy farming and gardening. Eco-friendly farming courses are offered at the same time for employees to practice farming techniques, share the joy of harvest, and create more connections between co-workers.

G-HOME Construction Guidelines

Support the beautiful relation and connection between nature and mankind.

  • G-HOME Sustainable Eco-Rooftop is divided into 5 areas, representing 5 ideas respectively: “G” is green, “H” is health, “O” is LOHAS, “M” is mind, and “E” is ecology.

  • Protect the Earth and ecology: We plant Taiwanese endemic plants to create a micro-ecosystem and intended to foster a natural environment where all living things thrive.

  • Sustainable resources (from cradle to cradle): Treasure water resources, collect and reuse rainwater, as well as make compost from fallen leaves, weeds, and garden debris.

  • Sustainable energy: Self-generate electricity by a windmill, solar pillars, and 2 bicycle dynamos.

  • Respect human dignity and nature: Respect employees, protect nature, and feel G-HOME at home.

10 Innovative Application and Design