As a corporate citizen and a member of the global village, we not only actively reduce carbon from our operations but also call for the public to respond to climate change hand in hand. Starting from the philosophy of “returning trees to the planet” of the G-HOME Sustainable Eco-roof and the support of tree planting actions by Mr. Lai, GIGABYTE cooperated with the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation to launch the “Make Earth Green Again” program in 2017 to enlarge the influence of GIGABYTE by taking more aggressive tree-planting actions and endeavoring to climate literation education. Later in 2020, we extended the spirit of the program back to deepening climate actions at a local level, such as developing Taiwan-based climate teaching materials and adopting land in Pinglin for reforestation, to move further forward to the vision of  “returning trees to the planet”.

Program Progress of Make Earth Green Again

New Program from 2022 – Plant Trees x Carbon Offset

GIGABYTE partnered with the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation from Germany for a second time to launch a new 5-year “Plant Trees x Carbon Offset” partnership model at the end of 2022. The project commits to reducing 2,500 metric tons of carbon by planting 12,500 trees per year. For each metric ton of carbon reduction, we will donate EUR2.5 toward the training of climate justice ambassadors and additionally purchase and offset 2,500 metric tons of carbon certificates. In 2022, 3,125 trees were planted for the 1st quarter of the 1st contract year. The project expects to plant 62,500 trees by 2027 and sponsor the training of up to a thousand children as climate justice ambassadors. The actions will help offset more than half of the emissions the Headquarters emits in a year.

Deepening Local Actions – Forest Restoration and Ecosystem Conservation

Plant in the Name of You – Response to UNEP Billion Tree Campaign

We promised to plant at least 75,000 trees between 2017 and 2020. We took the lead in response to the governmentʼs call for urban forestry and planting trees in Mexico in the name of our employees, consumers, and any person concerned with the sustainability of the earth. The tree planting action not only is to cool down the earth but also to create job opportunities for local people around the forest area. That is, it is also a spark of realizing climate justice.

Click here to go view GIGABYTE Tree Map.

Cultivating Climate Justice Ambassador of the Next Generation

In addition to supporting the UNEP Billion Tree Campaign, local climate literacy education is another important mission. With support from the Plant-for-the-Planet, we promoted climate education and trained “Climate Justice Ambassadors” among children in Taiwan. We not only want to help the future generation understand the climate crisis attacking the world, but also give them the strength and courage to eliminate the crisis.

GIGABYTE fulfilled the commitment in October 2019 after holding 5 sessions of Plant-for-the-Planet Academy in Taiwan. A total of 405 Taiwanese Climate Justice Ambassadors had been trained by teaching models and materials designed by the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation, which empowers children to be more aware of climate issues and be able to advocate for combating climate crises. Besides, we also assisted in cultivating 962 Climate Justice Ambassadors in developing countries.

Plant-for-the-Planet Academy by GIGABYTE

A Plant-for-the-Planet Academy includes 6 modules that aim to bring knowledge related to climate change to children and empower them to advocate social attention on climate actions instead of only talking. During the academy, children would plant trees with their own hands, signifying that they were doing their bit for saving the planet, and it was also a pathway toward a brave Climate Justice Ambassador.

“Stop Talking. Start Planting.” Is the slogan of Climate Justice Ambassadors. It gives a clear and concise message to the world that while adults are battling verbally, children have moved on taking action!

1st Plant-for-the-Planet Academy
2nd Plant-for-the-Planet Academy
3rd Plant-for-the-Planet Academy
4th Plant-for-the-Planet Academy
5th Plant-for-the-Planet Academy