GIGABYTE understands the importance of talents to the Company’s development and also commits to making every employee work in a suitable position to extend their creativity and potentials. The corporate culture and future strategies and prospects are truthfully conveyed to employees through the policies closely linked to the Company’s development. Furthermore, a diverse and balanced human resource structure is constructed by means of rigorous talent selection and talent cultivation, which also contributes to enhancing cohesion and competence cultivation at the workplace.

GIGABYTE Talent Management Vision and Strategy

Human-Oriented-Building a Happy and Warm Workplace

Provide a sound human resource management system

Complete occupational safety and health care system

Build a friendly and happy working environment

Protect human rights and equality
Occupational safety and health management
Achieve work-life balance
Build a sound function training system
Care for physical and mental health of employees
Consolidate employees and build identity and coherence
Provide diverse measures of employees welfare

Sound Human Resource Management

GIGABYTE knows how important that people with the right talents are to the sustainable development of the company. Talented people from diverse backgrounds are encouraged to unleash their expertise, creativity and potential in their work. At the end of 2022, GIGABYTE has a global workforce of 7,269 people. A majority of employees work in Taiwan and China, while others work in other Asian countries, the Americas, Europe, and other regions of the world. Male employees account for 58.9%, while females account for 41.1%. The average age of employees is 33.

2022 Human Resources Structure

[Note] Due to changes to the Group organization in 2023, the workforce demographics data for 2022 is as of 2022/12/24.

2022 Total Number of Employees by Contract and Type 


The definitions of employment type and contract are as follows: