The Origin of Green Action Plan

The emergence of sustainability awareness and the implementation of environmental protection is a series of actions with scope and depth. GIGABYTE launched the “Green Action Plan” in 2009 based on sustainable development trends in business and around the world with the core values of GIGABYTE used to define the sustainable development vision and strategy of the company.

The core ideal of the Green Action Plan is “Beginning with the Heart”. Apart from the focus on energy conservation, carbon reduction, and environmental protection, sustainability and environmental awareness were also cultivated among all employees through a series of activities. These activities covered knowledge, attitude, skills, as well as work and everyday life to gradually make sustainability concepts a part of the corporate culture, and fostered the development of a new green culture. The results of the Green Action Plan show that the seed of sustainable development is now gradually taking root in the hearts of all employees.

The Progress of Green Action Plan

To realize the core mission of GIGABYTE, “Upgrade Your Life”, “Green Action Plan 2.0” was initiated in 2016 on the basis of fruitful accomplishments in the previous phases, and it is also divided into 3 stages: 1st stage (2016~2018), 2nd stage (2019~2022), and 3rd stage (2022~).

The vision of the 1st stage is “Core Concept Spreading and Value Sharing”. From the sustainability transformation focused on ourselves in the past, we expand to the externally conceptual transmission and the realization of industrial sustainability. We hope to achieve the goal of “Reduction. Sharing. Love the Earth” in the aspect of the value chain and contribute together with the consumers, suppliers, and the public to progress in all three aspects of the environment, economy, and society, sharing the sustainability value.

By 2020, the Green Action Plan has been proceeding to the goal of realizing a “friendly and high-efficient social enterprise” and demonstration of multiple and significant accomplishments and benefits.

Accumulative Achievements of Green Action Plan (2009~2020)


People be Influenced

Person Times


Emissions Reduction



Sustainability and Environmental Education


Tree Planting


Participation in Vegetarian Lunch

Person Times

Beach Cleaning and Trash Picking


GIGABYTE Green Action Plan