At GIGABYTE, we have always embraced our mission of “Upgrade Your Life” by growing our core business through innovation and supplying distinguished products as well as intelligent solutions in diverse fields; we work closely with customers and supply chain partners to co-create a sustainable value chain; we promote an inclusive workplace, look after the health and safety of our employees, and give back to society in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Despite having to deal with factors such as the restructuring of the global supply chain, the COVID-19 pandemic, international trade conflicts, and a highly volatile market in the last two years, GIGABYTE recorded profit growth by staying true to our philosophy, working together as a team, and leveraging our strength from years of sustainable operations. We are also continuing to expand our capabilities in cutting-edge fields such as AI, 5G, and cloud services.

Our pursuit of economic performance and technological achievement does not mean GIGABYTE has forgotten our corporate responsibility to the environment and society. To reduce the environmental impact of our operations, we set ourselves the strategic challenge of a 50% reduction in carbon emissions by 2025; at the same time, carrying out internal competitions, rewards, and activities to encourage employees to think about sustainability in their everyday work. Continued improvements to our welfare policy and health support served to provide employees with a happy and safe workplace; above all, we are working to expand our influence in society and promote a harmonious, inclusive society by connecting our many partners with social welfare projects.

We have never wavered on our journey to sustainability. In the future, we will set our sights on the four sustainability visions of “Zero Waste, Zero Pollution”, “Transition to Low-carbon Technology”, “Leader of Sustainability and Circular Economy”, and ”Realization of Humanistic Values”. We hope to join forces with our upstream and downstream partners in embracing ethical governance, environmental friendliness, and social care. We will continue to respond to topics of stakeholder concern so that we can do our part for the world and create positive values!