Extend Product Responsibility and Guard Society and the Planet together with YOU

GIGABYTE attaches great importance to producer responsibility to society and the environment. We do not support or tolerate any upstream partner that violates human rights and environmental well-being. Besides, by means of continually strengthening employee care, process safety, and environmental management measures on the front line, we insist on ensuring that the products and services to be provided to consumers and customers are safe, environmental-friendly, and of high quality. As for the demand side, GIGABYTE will also restrict or cease business with the third party until and unless we have high confidence that our products are not being used to violate human rights.

Product Environmental Impact Assessment

GIGABYTE established strict Supplier Management Requirements ,in accordance with HCSR, RBA Code of Conduct, and so on. In addition, in order to efficiently compare the environmental impacts of various raw materials and production processes, GIGABYTE has adopted the proven PAS 2050 system for the assessment of life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of goods and services. After an initial carbon impact assessment, we carried out a full product carbon footprint assessment in 2016. Based on the characteristics of GIGABYTE products, we took reference from the methodology of the International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD), and then gradually expanded the scope from our products themselves to their impacts on land/water acidification and air quality (PM2.5). In 2019, the scope of disclosure extended again to cover 12 categories in order to more comprehensively quantify the environmental, social, and health impacts of the product. The implementation strategies and results of our product life cycle assessment project are as follows:

The disclosures through the LCA platform and product environmental reports enable our R&D staff to quickly check the environmental impacts of all raw materials and production processes and identify hot spots for improvement and raise the efficiency and efficacy of our green product development.

Product Environmental Report

Through a product environmental report, one can find the environmental impacts that a product causes throughout its lifetime (material acquisition, manufacturing, transportation, use, disposal, etc.). In addition, one can also learn about the recycling methods, or participate in the latest CSR activities held by GIGABYTE. Let us start with understanding, and take the first step to protect the environment!

GIGABYTE has numerous product lines. Thus, the impact assessment is still in progress. The followings are the partial results that have been completed. GIGABYTE will keep endeavoring to achieve the goal of full product disclosure and look forward to working together with the industry to strengthen the transparency of product information.