A sound talent cultivation and development system plays a key role in attracting talent and maintaining core competitiveness. GIGABYTE provides diverse education and training sources, dual-track talent cultivation, and a performance evaluation system targeted towards employee needs and career development plans to ensure that every GIGABYTE employee can realize their potential, find self-fulfillment, and grow with the Company.

Forward-looking Employee Education and Training

In terms of talent cultivation, GIGABYTE develops competency-based training courses for new hires, specialist personnel, and section/division-level managers. A variety of learning channels and self-study/external trainings are provided to employees to engage in self-development, broaden their professional knowledge, as well as understand the companyʼs vision for the future and current accomplishments. Sharing events are also held at suitable times to let employees learn from each other.

Basic Education and Training Process

The HR Department draws up internal training courses every year following industry trends and the Companyʼs future direction and also cultivates the soft power for career development and work management. It handpicks articles that assist employees in career planning, self-management, and the development of concrete goals and visions, which then help strengthen the cohesion between units and individual employees. For the statistics of training hours, please refer to CSR Performace- Social Aspect.