GIGABYTE defines a clear set of criteria for recruitment. We look for multi-national and multi-disciplinary talents based on the development focus of each business unit and department. The cultivation of the younger generation is important to us as well. We establish industry-academia cooperation programs with colleges and universities, organize long-running product design competitions that provide students with a stage to showcase their knowledge and creativity, expand their horizons on career possibilities, and enrich their practical experiences. GIGABYTE provided internship opportunities to 7 students from the National Taiwan University of Technology.

Forward-looking Employee Education and Training

In terms of talent cultivation, GIGABYTE develops competency-based training courses for new hires, specialist personnel, and section/division-level managers. A variety of learning channels and self-study/external trainings are provided to employees to engage in self-development, broaden their professional knowledge, as well as understand the company’s vision for the future and current accomplishments. Sharing events are also held at suitable times to let employees learn from each other.

Basic Education and Training Process

The HR Department draws up internal training courses every year following industry trends and the Company’s future direction and also cultivates the soft power for career development and work management. It handpicks articles that assist employees in career planning, self-management, and the development of concrete goals and visions, which then help strengthen the cohesion between units and individual employees.

Sound Employee Welfare and Retirement Plans

GIGABYTE has established a proper welfare system, set up the most complete support network for employees, and founded the Employees Joint Welfare Committee to formulate practical and satisfiable welfare policies and promote activities for employees to improve workplace happiness.

Employee Welfare

Perfect Insurance Plan

Labor insurance, national health insurance, and group comprehensive insurance, including life insurance, accident insurance, medical insurance, catastrophic illness insurance, etc. Group insurance is also applicable to employees and their families.


Statutory Contribution: The “Labor Standards Act” and “Labor Pension Act” require monthly contributions equal to 2%~15% of workers’ salaries to be made to the Labor Pension Reserve Fund to meet pension liabilities. The funds are deposited into a dedicated employee pension fund account supervised by the “Labor Pension Fund Supervisory Committee.” Alternatively, for employees with individual pension accounts, a contribution equal to 6% of workers’ monthly salary is deposited into employees’ personal pension accounts with the Labor Insurance Bureau in accordance with government policy.

Extra Compensation: Provide retirement bonuses and hold honorable retirement ceremonies.

Comprehensive Healthcare

For current employees with at least 2 years of service, those over 40 years old are eligible for one health exam each year, and those under 40 years old are eligible for one health exam every two years. Senior executives and high-risk employees are provided further health exam subsidies.

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides psychological, financial, and legal advice to help employees with their life and mental well-being.

Leave System

Make-up shifts are instituted for public holidays to provide employees with flexible leave time.

Living Benefits

In addition to the basic 3 Festival bonuses, the Company also provides birthday gifts and travel allowance. Also, a certain number of benefit points are offered to employees each year which allow them to freely purchase charity products and friendly agricultural products. The benefit points was NTD 8,000 per person.

Living Allowance

Provide childbirth, hospitalization, funeral, marriage, education allowances, as well as emergency assistance.

Raise the childcare allowance to encourage employees to get married and have babies: The employees of Taiwan bases who have children under 2 years old can be subsidized by NTD 3,000 per month, and also can apply for extending flexible working hours to 2 hours.

Special Offer Activities

Sign contracts with restaurants and childcare institutions to provide referential prices to GIGABYTE employees.

Provide discounts on the company’s products, concerts, exhibitions, performances, or related ticketed events and free arts and culture seminars.

Club, Leisure Activities

GIGABYTE establishes a wide variety of clubs for sports, dancing, environmental services, and handicrafts. Besides, we organize leisure activities such as e-sports competitions, sports carnivals and family days to foster employee interests and networking.