• GVM ESG Award – Top 4 of Electronics and Technology Industry
  • Included in the “Customized Taiwan ESG Low Carbon High Dividend 40 Index” by Taiwan Index Plus
  • Selected as a component stock of the FTSE4Good TIP Taiwan ESG Index
  • Ranked by Institutional Investor, the authoritative international finance magazine, in its 2023 All-Asia Executive Team as No.1 for “Best Investor Relations Program,” “Best Investor Relations Team,” “Best ESG,” “Best Board,” and “Best Investor Relations Professional”
  • Received 2023 Sports Exercise Enterprise Certification by Sports Administration, Ministry of Education, for the fourth time
  • Silver Award in the ICT Group, 2023 Vote for Happy Enterprise by 1111 Job Bank
  • 2023 Benchmark Enterprise of Gender Mainstreaming, Industrial Development Agency Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Subsidiary Bestyield International won the 3rd prize in Sustainability Group in the 2023 Longterm Smile Competition
  • Subsidiary Giga Computing received the SGS Green Mark Award in the “Hazardous Substances Assessed” Category.
  • GIGABYTE Education Foundation won the Bronze Award of the 2023 16th Wenxin Award, Ministry of Culture


  • 63 volunteers were mobilized on January 1 to plant seedlings at the Geng-Sin Campus of Taiwan After-Care Association to fulfill the philosophy of “returning trees to the planet.”
  • Continued to support ocean protection efforts by inviting suppliers to participate in “The Ocean is Our Home” beach clean-up, hosting a clean-up of Dajue River’s north bank, and supporting Business Today’s “Project Blue 1095” initiative.
  • On 2023 Earth Day, the “Go Green Taiwan – Thousand Mile Trek” completed the final leg of its round-island clean-up trek under the leadership of GIGABYTE’s President. On the day, social enterprises and charities were invited to host a charity market. Plants were also given away to the local community to beautify the environment.
  • Internal eco-bag recycling, food bag/unpacked merchandise group buy events, and a ban on disposable tableware in the employee canteen were implemented to promote “Zero Disposal, Zero Pollution.”
  • Launched the “GIGABYTE Evergreen Revival (四技常綠 嘉園復興)” program with the adoption of Taiwan After-Care Association’s Geng-Sin Campus. Plans include the construction of an eco-habitat, installation of eco-friendly walking trails, and the rehabilitation of selected species to provide local residents with a natural space for rest and recreation.
  • Launched the Intelligent Circular and Low-Carbon Management Platform and provided 10 suppliers with consultation on emission inventory, target setting, and reduction strategies, hoping to strengthen small suppliers’ carbon management capabilities by using GIGABYTE’s resources.
  • Released the first TCFD Report to meet stakeholders’ information needs on climate issues, comply with domestic and international sustainability standards, as well as to optimize management capabilities for climate governance, operational resilience, and brand competitiveness in the global green market.
  • Since GIGABYTE brought up the concept of “returning trees to the Earth” 10 years ago, the number of trees we planted worldwide exceeded 100,000 in 2023. Meanwhile, the Company retired 2,500 metric tons of carbon credits through the second-time cooperation with the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation.
  • In December, GIGABYTE held the Sustainability Carnival with the main themes “Material Circulation”, “Friendly Community”, and “Caring for Public Welfare”. We invited 6 government units, social enterprises, and social welfare organizations to work together on promoting disaster prevention, plastic reduction, and care for the disadvantaged.


  • GVM CSR Award – Role Model Award of Electronics and Technology Industry
  • 3rd Taiwan Circular Economy Award – Outstanding Award of Innovative Service Award (Bestyield International)
  • OHSA Active Evaluation of OHS Indicators in Corporate CSR Report – Top 10% of Listed Companies
  • 2022 Taoyuan City Excellent Enterprise Award – Good Wellbeing Enterprise Award & Gender Equity Award
  • 2022 IR Magazine Awards Greater China – Best Investment Relations Officer


  • Introduced a new supplier tiered management system that integrates ESG assessment with purchasing processes.
  • Hosted “Reduction. Sharing. Love the Earth Alliance” joint beach clean-up with a total of 67 participants from 17 suppliers joined in. The event removed 1,339 kg of waste from the beach in Taoyuan, and recycled approximately 500 PET bottles.
  • Provided suppliers with greenhouse gas inventory training to strengthen the inventory capability of suppliers for the purpose of moving toward sustainable development with supply chain partners.
  • Became a member of the New Taipei City Disaster Prevention Association, donate communication equipment and emergency generator, and assist in disaster prevention affairs in communities.
  • Launched the 3unlight Volunteer Platform to encourage employees to be concerned with and selflessly volunteer for social issues.
  • Respond to and collaborate with the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation for the second time. Continuously invest in tree planting, ecological restoration, and supporting local empowerment.
  • Planned and offered a series of corporate sustainability courses that aimed at raising ESG awareness and sustainability literacy among employees and subsequently strengthening a corporate green culture.
  • Held the “Sustainability Carnival” second-hand market, which also combined with traffic safety and disaster prevention education, for the purpose of expanding the basic knowledge of the circular economy and disaster prevention to the communities.


  • GVM CSR Award – Top 6 of Electronics and Technology Industry
  • GVM CSR Award – TOP 8 of Social Innovation Action Plan
  • Flu Vaccination Friendly and Healthy Workplace Certification – Silver Award in Epidemic Prevention Leadership



  • Committed to constantly protecting the sea and marine ecosystem and adopted Dayuan Beach in Taoyuan City.
  • Responded to the “Project Blue 1095” initiated by the Business Today Magazine to give an impetus to marine waste recycling and also support NGOs devoted to marine protection.
  • Held “Reduction. Sharing. Love the Earth” supplier joint beach cleaning events for advancing the mutual benefits along the value chain.
  • Launched the packaging reduction project that aims at in-depth introduction of recycled materials and packaging simplification.
  • Hosted a joint Waste- and Dollar-Free Flea Market with employees, communities, and non-profitable organizations, which let 1,787kg of goods and materials be reused.
  • Invited value chain partners to plant trees in Pinglin District and also supported the “Trek 5km for Water” event initiated by the Dandelion Foundation.


  • Frobes World’s Best Employers 2020
  • GVM CSR Award – Role Model Award of Electronics and Technology Industry
  • GVM CSR Award – TOP 7 of Environmental Friendliness Action Plan
  • Common Wealth Magazine Corporate Citizenship Award – No. 26 among large corporations
  • Sports Exercise Enterprise Certification by Sports Administration, Ministry of Education
  • Epidemic Prevention Leadership Award
  • GIGABYTE’s Subsidiary Bestyield International received BS 8001 Circular Economy Standard certificate.



  • Enlarged the commitment of “Make Earth Green Again” by adopting lands for afforestation in Pinglin, planting 1,500 trees, and developing a local climate education teaching program “Green Cli-Mate FUN!”.
  • Advanced the target year of the 50% reduction in absolute emissions from 2030 to 2025.
  • Supported quarantine efforts by partnering with distributor Weblink to launch notebook leasing plans for home or telework use that prevent contagious infection between employees.


  • GVM CSR Award – Top 5 of Electronics and Technology Industry
  • Common Wealth Magazine Corporate Citizenship Award – No. 33 among large corporations
  • Excellent Enterprise Award in Taoyuan City – Happy Enterprise Award
  • Group Award of Social Education Contribution Awards by the Ministry of Education
  • Health Workplace Certification by the Health Promotion Administration
  • (Nanping Factory) Model Business of Maternal Health Guardian Alliance
  • (Nanping Factory) Innovation Award of Drug Abuse Promotion by the Food and Drug Administration



  • Kept deepening and expanding the No Trace Diet program to include collaboration with and education for surrounding shops and to build an eco-friendly life circle.
  • Released a new version of the Product Environmental Report with disclosure of 12 environmental impact aspects to fulfill our responsibility as a producer.
  • Launched the “Sustainability Fund” program to turn the saving cost from reduction into investment in green innovation for encouraging internal green power.
  • Completed Holding 5 Plant-for-the-Planet Academies in Taiwan that cultivated 405 Taiwanese Climate Justice Ambassadors. Also, sponsored the hosting of 15 Plant-for-the-Planet Academies in developing countries that trained 962 Climate Justice Ambassadors.


  • GVM CSR Award – Top 5 of Electronics and Technology Industry
  • GVM CSR Award – Top 6 of Educational Promotion Action Plan
  • TCSA Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award – Climate Leadership Award, TOP50 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards
  • Common Wealth Magazine Corporate Citizenship Award – No. 21 among large corporations
  • Taoyuan Department of Health Outstanding Breastfeeding Rooms Program – Gold Award
  • iF Product Design Award – Recycle Fiber of Plant (RFP) used in the packaging materials of AORUS X7
  • Sports Exercise Enterprise Certification by Sport Administration, Ministry of Education



  • The impact of the “Make Earth Green Again” program, cooperated with the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation, kept expanding and had trained more than 200 Climate Justice Ambassadors in Taiwan.
  • Held the first “Reduction, Sharing, Love for the Earth” Supplier Conference to call on suppliers to join the line of reducing emissions, water, waste, and planting trees.
  • Launched the “Traceless Diet” program that completely prohibits plastics at the staff canteen of Headquarters.
  • Continued to publish the “Product Environmental Report” for key products on the Sustainability website that disclosure the level of product impact in the three aspects of climate change, air quality, and ecology.


  • GVM CSR Award – Role Model Award of Electronics and Technology Industry
  • TCSA Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award – Climate Leadership Award, TOP50 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards, Golden Award of the TOP50 Corporate Sustainability Awards
  • SGS Taiwan ISO 14001 Plus – Environmental Performance Management Model Award
  • Common Wealth Magazine Corporate Citizenship Award – No. 18 among large corporations
  • Environmental Education Facility and Field Certification by Environmental Protection Administration – G-HOME GIGABYTE Sustainable Eco-roof
  • 2nd Place of 2017 Fine Nursery Room- Baby-Friendly Group by Department of Health in Taoyuan City
  • Golden Pin Design Award – Recycle Fiber of Plant (RFP) used in the packaging materials of AORUS X7
  • Outstanding Blood Donation Group awarded by the Taiwan Blood Services Foundation



  • Launched the “Make Earth Green Again” program in cooperation with the Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation in Germany and committed to planting 75,000 trees in 3 years.
  • Held “Reduction, Sharing, Love for Earth – Friendly Product Design Competition” to encourage university/college students to show their ideas about sustainability and creative design.


  • GVM CSR Award – Top 40 of CSR Survey
  • Common Wealth Magazine Corporate Citizenship Award – No. 32 among large corporations
  • Sports Exercise Enterprise Certification by Sport Administration, Ministry of Education



  • Organized the “Protect our Oceans – Plastic Reduction Poster Design Competition” to promote plastics reduction and co-learning with the environment and society.
  • Introduced return on social investment assessment (SROI) for two programs, G-HOME Sustainable Eco-Rooftop and Thousand Mile Trek – Go Green Taiwan, to determine the projects’ influence on society.


  • GVM CSR Award – Top 30 of CSR Survey
  • National Environmental Education Award – Private Corporation Category Outstanding Award 



  • Supported legislation on rooftop greening to establish urban eco-corridors, reduce the urban heat island effect, alleviate peak power consumption during the summer, and lower the power demand.
  • Launched the “Thousand Mile Trek – Go Green Taiwan” program. The corporate volunteers will walk in relays over 5 years to walk their dream, pick up plastic waste, and discover the natural and cultural beauty of Taiwan.


  • Common Wealth Magazine Corporate Citizenship Award – No. 18 among large corporations
  • TCSA Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award – Climate Leadership Award
  • New Taipei City Environmental Education Award – Private Corporation Category Excellent Award



  • Hosted the Seeing Green series of activities – Family trips, family painting competitions, and eco-themed photography competition instilled the philosophy of ecology and sustainability in everyday life.
  • Hosted the “Symposium on Reducing Operating Risks and Resource Waste in the Green Supply Chain” to strengthen product responsibility and partner with suppliers for a win-win outcome.
  • Partnered with Green Share for promoting the GMCP green cloud platform to reduce the risk of hazardous substance management, enhance management efficiency, respond to future regulatory trends, and host green cloud supplier conferences so everyone can work together to protect the environment.


  • Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction Label (Office Category) by Environmental Protection Administration EPA



  • Hosted the Green Innovations event with sustainability, innovation, and value as the theme to lay the foundations for sustainability.
  • Pioneered the G-Home Sustainable Eco-roof on the corporate headquarters to promote the ideals of sustainability and environmental education based around planting trees for the planet and promoting employee health.
  • Set up the GIGABYTE Go Green Club, a corporate volunteering group dedicated to helping the environment and society.
  • Launched Working Holiday so employees can do their part and protect their homeland directly.


  • Industrial Sustainable Excellence Award by the Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs



  • Developed sustainable supply chain evaluation to expand our efforts in CSR, environmental protection, labor rights, fair trading practices, supply chain responsibility as well as contributions to society and local community so everyone can work together for a sustainable future.
  • Introduced waste electronics recycling regardless of brand at each customer service site to reduce the burden on the environment and the threat to the environment and ecology.