“Corporate volunteering” is where businesses organize employees into volunteer groups and encourage employees to participate in volunteering opportunities. GIGABYTE has established such a service club called “Go Green Club.” The purpose of the club is to recruit corporate volunteers through ecological education, eco-conservation, and organic planting. Volunteers realize the LOHAS ideal by taking direct action on promoting environmental and sustainability education.

The Go Green Club was founded in 2013 and focuses on volunteering for the environment. The organization of the group allowed the planning of training courses and seminars in a systematic, in-depth and strategic manner. Employees are encouraged to step beyond the office building and participate directly in environmental services. A progressive process of guidance, cultivation, and practice also increased the scope and breadth of club membersʼ exploration of environmental issues. The club members started with weekend environmental experiences then infused their environmental awareness into their positions. The influence then spread from there into their lives and families. We believe that everyone is a seed and also has the ability to sow even more seeds. Even one person can eventually influence enough people to build up a force for changing the environment.

The GIGABYTE Go Green Club is an employee initiative. Members all have their specialties and the club is organized into activities, administration, training, liaison, and general administration teams. Regular meetings are held to plan annual themes and action plans. The club also actively liaises with external organizations to concentrate its resources for supporting club members and communities.

Volunteer skills must be cultivated in a systematic manner complemented by progressive hands-on practice. Go Green volunteers, therefore, take part in seminars and training courses that build on their interests and gradually improve their abilities. This in turn enables them to better serve the environment and the public. Club activities included:

  1. A Happy Corporate Volunteer
  2. You, Me, Them and the Eco-Roof
  3. How to be a Guide: Techniques and Training
  4. Building an Ecological Oasis in the Concrete Jungle
  5. G-HOME Organic Farming Lectures
  6. Reviving Rice Terraces: Handwork in Shimen Songshan Community
  7. Handmade Trail
  8. Mangrove Forest Working Holidays
  9. Working Holiday-Habitat Conservation
  10. Sea Walkers – Documentary of Round-Island Trek to Protect Taiwan
  11. 1000-Mile Trek by the Sea to Open the Heart
  12. Move with G-HOME – Discover the Secrets of the Circular World
  13. Too Many Plastics! The Oceans Cannot Swallow Any More – Seminar
  14. Make Your Own Eco-friendly Body Lotion