Occupational Safety and Health Management Plan

GIGABYTE Headquarters, Taoyuan Nanping Factory as well as the Dongguan and Ningbo Factories in China have all obtained ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety System certification. The scope of management includes employees, on-site contractors, visitors, and any personnel near the workplace that may affect organizational activities. Please visit Quality and Environment Management Certification to review the certificates.

A permanent OHS contact point was established in each business group to ensure effective OHS management. The Occupational Health and Safety Committee was also set up, which is composed of Group Operation Management Center, business units, subsidiaries, as well as labor representatives which the number account for more than one-third of the committee members. The OHS Committee is convened quarterly to examine OHS management policy and matters, and to continue optimizing and managing the OHS risks at the company to ensure a safe and hygienic working environment for employees.

Composition of Occupational Health and Safety Committees

Headquarters Nanping Factory Dongguan Factory Ningbo Factory
Number of Labor Representatives 9 11 12 9
Number of Registered Members 21 32 33 22
Labor Ratio 42.86% 34.38% 36.36% 40.91%

[Note] Dongguan Factory and Ningbo Factory are not regulated by the law in Taiwan.

At present, GIGABYTE’s Occupational Safety and Health Management Plan can be subdivided into 16 items, including workplace hardware testing, operating standards setting, education, and training, health promotion, disaster response, etc. Each item is reviewed and audited every year.

For more details on the outcomes of occupational safety and health management measures, please refer to pp.63-64 of 2021 GIGABYTE CSR Report.

Occupational Safety and Health Risk Management

Comprehensive identification of occupational safety and health risks helps to detect potential hazard factors early, and annual management plans assist in controlling and eliminating the factors. GIGABYTE defines risk assessment processes, which are then periodically assessed by the OHS contact point in each business group. The assessments cover operational frequency, workflow, equipment and materials used, and operating environment. Risks are divided into 4 levels according to the assessing results. Further assessment of whether the Company’s current operating control procedures are sufficient to respond to the listed risks is then conducted. When necessary, a management process will be adjusted according to the identification results to prevent the occurrence of occupational accidents.

Process and Results of Occupational Safety and Health Risk Assessment

2022 Rating and Evaluation of Potential Risks in Taiwan

Risk Classification Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Number of Cases 5 61 2 9

After risk identification, GIGABYTE first reviews the existing operation management process to confirm the integrity of the Company’s existing regulations and starts improvement of the discovered management gaps. We will continue to manage occupational safety and health risks through PDCA processes in order to provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment.

Occupational Injury and Disaster Statistics

In 2022, no recordable occupational injuries occurred in the operation Headquarters. In the factories in China, there were 6 recordable occupational injuries; most of the cases were injured while operating processing. The case this year was a minor work-related injury. Educational articles and personnel training were immediately instituted. The design unit was also notified to engage in corrective action for the reason and electives.